The e-Ucare portal is live!
Gain more in-depth knowledge on projects, living labs and best-practices in the field of healthy ageing and independent living. Also, interesting news items and the latest health technologies and innovations can be found on this portal as well as opportunities for new collaborations.

Origin of e-Ucare portal
One of the main outputs of the INTERREG IVB Recap project was designing and putting into operation the core of a sustainable Transnational Health Innovation Portal by providing a sustainable platform for cooperation and information flows after project finalisation.

To achieve this sustainability, a broad European portal has been developed, e-Ucare, in order to capitalise integrated, innovative and transferable health care models and solutions for healthy ageing and independent living in NWE and beyond. The long-term goal of the portal is to transform the health care landscape at the interface of countering the challenges of demographic change and capitalizing innovation at a NWE and wider EU level.

These challenges extend beyond heart failure, so other European health related INTERREG projects were connected to the portal as well. This cluster cooperation works towards creating a common platform promoting technological innovation linked to healthcare and demographic changes. It will do so by capitalising on the extensive knowledge base of the participating projects and creating synergies between them; triggering high level, policy oriented discussions involving policy makers and representatives from the business and scientific worlds; and coordinating efforts for the sake of maximum visibility for individual and joint project results and achievements.