Recap designed and has put into operation the core of a transnational health innovation portal. Built on different European health projects the portal e-Ucare forms the glue between all transnational stakeholders by providing a sustainable platform for cooperation and information flows after project finalisation.
e-Ucare and its databases assists research institutes, care givers and companies (e.g. SME’s) to capitalize on their knowledge/expertise by providing access to a sufficiently large and differentiated market. It creates access to applications of highly specialized organizations in other NWE countries to be able address complex issues and integrated solutions and it provides access to transnational „living labs” to test, integrate and demonstrate multiple applications together in real life.

What can be found in the database?
The database gives access to results (papers, guidelines, theses etc.) of different European projects focusing on different themes, from chronic diseases like Heart Failure and Dementia to prevention and independent living. It gives an overview of news items and upcoming events in Europe in the field of Healthcare, and an impression of the existing and running Living Labs with their specific themes and structures. Information of all related projects and their participating organisations can be found and contacted. So the portal and its database serve as a market place to combine demand and supply, which offers opportunities for new future collaborations.