Products & Services

After thorough research in 2012-13 identifying assistive ICT technology throughout Europe, the I-stay@home product catalogue is now available to the public. I-stay@home is a project partner of Health Cluster Europe and made available their product catalogue for e-Ucare visitors as well.

Over 100 suppliers were eager to be part of the I-stay@home project. They filled out an extensive request for information as part of the project’s evaluation process, however, the essential information and pictures of the products already are available online.
If new suppliers are interested in listing their product in the catalogue, they are free to create an account and their own page.
Most product descriptions are available in four languages – English, French, Dutch and German. New providers may decide themselves which languages to publish their product in.

Feel free to explore the various products on the market and potentially find something useful for you or someone you know!

Visit the I-stay@home website for all products and services!